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Industry Leading IT Support in Greenville, SC

Small businesses owners have a lot on their shoulders; sales figures, employee and client satisfaction, managing expenses. Don’t let tech support be another issue on your long list of worries. Being a managed service provider for over 30 years, CompuCom has all the knowledge to be competitive in an ever-changing tech landscape, and we are ready to share that knowledge with you.

How do you choose the right MSP? You should look for an IT support company who has vast resources ready to work for you and has the experience to be able to anticipate changes in IT technology to keep you one step ahead. CompuCom takes pride in being able to provide that to the small businesses of Greenville, SC, bringing our 30+ years of experience to help you through any IT challenge.

Simple Technical support

Greenville, SC IT Services That You Can Trust

You want an IT partner with both vast experience and resources that are going to be put to work for your business.

Why hire an IT firm if they only can support one or two aspects of IT? This costs you more money, which you may not have available. With CompuCom, we provide business owners complete technology support, maintenance and updating. No matter which of our managed IT packages you choose, you will get the services you need including: 2 firewall and antivirus security management, 24/7 phone and chat support, software support, and proactive monitoring. Never again will you have to worry about updating your machines, CompuCom takes care of everything. Our technicians are all employed by CompuCom, which means no more contractors you have to deal with. Our techs will install everything for you, making a worry-free set-up process.

With CompuCom, you get an IT support company who has been working with the biggest brands in the world for decades. Apple, Dell, HP, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft and Lenovo are all trusted partners of CompuCom, meaning whatever technology your company uses, we support it.

Our standard packages are designed to cover all the needs the average company would have, however we do have the option to personalize your package with our add-on services. You have the option to add these services on at any time, with the cost just being added to your existing monthly bill. These services include:


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Add-On Services

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Data Backup

Cloud-based data backups help ensure ongoing data availability and retrievals for a variety of storage sizes.

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Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring allows us to examine and report on critical events from the most important services in order to avoid as much noise as possible.

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Wireless Failover

4G Connectivity Backup provides peace of mind for you and your business. The cable company might go offline, the phone system might go down, but your network connection won’t.

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Office 365

Provide your employees with the added security and functionality of Office 365 across multiple devices per user.

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