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IT Support Shouldn't be hard

Focus On Your Customers, Not Your IT

Small business owners can easily become overwhelmed with all of the tasks that they have to do each day. With the many tasks floating around, and the limited number of staff to help deal with these tasks, IT can easily get pushed to the back-burner and forgotten about until it becomes a large problem. It doesn’t have to be this way, and CompuCom can help.

With over 30 years of providing managed IT services to businesses of all sizes, CompuCom can become your one-stop solution for all of your IT needs. By partnering with CompuCom, we can remove at least one of the burdens overwhelming the operation of your small business and remove pesky IT issues off your plate.

IT made Easy

Fast, Reliable IT Services in Fort Lauderdale

Having a company you can rely on for fast and efficient IT services for a fair price is essential when running a business. 

All managed IT service providers are not created equal, and may not provide all of the IT services that your company needs. They either don’t give you comprehensive IT services to meet your business needs, or they are extremely pricey and don’t fit your small business budget. CompuCom is different. CompuCom is a national, managed IT service provider delivering 24/7/365 support and onsite assistance, with over 93 percent customer satisfaction tailored for small businesses. Companies not only receive the IT services that they need, but they receive it at a price that fits their budget.

CompuCom offers unrivaled comprehensive and affordable support. CompuCom has long-standing, trusted relationship with top brands – Apple, Dell, HP, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft and Lenovo. This means that your devices will always be supported properly with CompuCom.

Our standard packages cover the needs of the average small business, but you do have the option to personalize the plan that best fits your business with our add-on services. You have multiple options to choose from:


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Add-On Services

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Data Backup

Cloud-based data backups help ensure ongoing data availability and retrievals for a variety of storage sizes.

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Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring allows us to examine and report on critical events from the most important services in order to avoid as much noise as possible.

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Wireless Failover

4G Connectivity Backup provides peace of mind for you and your business. The cable company might go offline, the phone system might go down, but your network connection won’t.

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Office 365

Provide your employees with the added security and functionality of Office 365 across multiple devices per user.

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