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The Most Important Reason to Utilize IT Consolidation

By Kwang Edeker - May 16, 2019

While there are plenty of reasons to consolidate when it comes to IT vendor management, cost to value ratio and increased efficiencies among them, the most important reason may be IT security.

Know the Risks

I recently spoke with John Knox, Director of Engineering and Project Management at CompuCom, who said, “Even though they are aware of the risks, small businesses continue to fall victim to ransomware, viruses, and malware.” The problem may be that while they’re aware of the risk, it’s not fully understood. Knox added that “Businesses can name the IT security issues that keep them up at night, but they’re not really sure how to properly respond to them.”

He used the example of a business owner who’s concerned about ransomware and wants to make sure that he has a good firewall. As Knox says, “That's a good start. But a firewall doesn’t protect you against ransomware. The only true protection against ransomware is a robust data backup because, no matter how good your security is, there's always a potential for corruption.”

According to Knox, “The backup is actually the correct response to ransomware. Now, if someone's going to break into your network and steal client or business data, the correct response for that is a firewall.”


There are companies out there that focus only on firewall security, they do a really good job but that's all they do. They provide a certain level of protection, but it’s nowhere near what your business needs.

And then there are other providers that don't want to touch your network. They’ll say, “Call your Internet service provider (ISP). They provide a network and have a decent firewall. I just want to maintain your desktops and servers. I’ll supply antivirus and put malware protection on your machines. I’ll take care of you.”

This leaves the customer saying, “Great! I'm going to be perfectly protected.” But they don’t realize that the firewall might not be good enough and they don't have a backup if it isn’t.

Then a third company comes in and says, “I’ll do your backup and if you get infected, once you're rebuilt, we’ll restore your data.” Awesome, now your data is backed up. But who rebuilds your environment and gets you back up and running?

The problem many businesses have is they've only got one of these guys, or if they're lucky, maybe two. But as John Knox puts it, “There's not a lot of them that have all three to provide a complete solution.”

Full Coverage, At Your Service

Smaller providers often prove to be limited in what they can offer their customers. This opens up all kinds of holes and cracks between vendors. The desktop guy doesn’t particularly care if the firewall is good or not, or if it's up to date or if it has the latest firmware. And backup? “That's the other guys. I'm not the backup guy.”

What it comes down to is the peace of mind, value, and security of a single-vendor full-service IT provider. In terms of IT security, it’s important to consolidate IT vendor management. We can help. CompuCom’s advantage is that we do it all and we do it very well. We provide the latest monitoring tools and comprehensive, around-the-clock support. Our experience will keep your business and technology secure and running efficiently without having to outsource to providers that you don’t know or haven’t vetted.



Removing the Guesswork from Securing your Business

A recent study of business owners found that 70 percent see administrative tasks as the biggest drain on their time when they should be focused on strategy, new products and services, and taking them to market.

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