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The Buck Stops Here! Putting Security First In Your Business

By Doug MacKay - April 29, 2019

We read about cybersecurity failures in big business almost daily. Marriott, Facebook, and British Airways being just a few. But small businesses are at an even higher risk.

Small business owners and employees often wear multiple hats and this can sometimes make keeping up with the latest security trends challenging. In the last 12 months alone:

  • 47 percent of small businesses experienced at least one cyber attack and
  • 44 percent had two, three or four attacks, with 8% having five or more

Given these numbers, 66 percent of small businesses now say that they’re concerned or very concerned about being hacked. And still, “the vast majority haven’t taken the basic steps to prepare.”

Data is valuable and cyber attacks have become the new normal. Small businesses need to start thinking “security first,” when approaching their future strategy. A security-first mindset begins with a strong foundation made up of some core solutions and tactics.

Build a Foundation of Security in Your Business

Here are four steps to building a foundation of security in your business starting today:

  1. Exercise a security-first attitude when using personal devices in the workplace. This is a small but powerful step, and businesses can start by having their leaders be the example.
  2. Put policies in place for handling private information. And keep in mind that privacy needs to extend beyond customers and apply to employees and business partners, too.
  3. Customers and partners need to see and understand your security-first approach. Good communication goes hand in hand with robust IT security.
  4. Security should be at the beginning of all engagements, from creating new policies and procedures to executing emerging initiatives.

3 Security Thoughts to Work and Live By

When you show (and prove) that information security and privacy is your number one concern across all business processes it can build trust and loyalty with your customers, employees, and business partners. Plus, customers who trust you with their data are typically more willing to share more information with you. More information helps you to gain more business value and insights into your customers' buying habits, which in turn leads to improved customer retention, a better customer experience, and increased profits.

  1. Look at how security fits throughout your business, not just the technical parts. This will help keep your business safe, your customers safe, and set your business apart from the competition.
  2. Make security your first consideration in all facets of your business. Strategy, hiring, technology – no part is too small to be left out. Build security-thinking into the foundation of how you do business.
  3. Security-first is not a “set it and forget it” solution. It’s not a yearly “reminder meeting” or a quarterly report. This mindset requires constant attention in order to work properly. It’s about people, not just technology or an IT issue. It involves everyone at all levels. It should start at the top, but ultimately, security is everyone’s responsibility. No one should be exempt.

Take the steps necessary and begin today. Show others that you take security seriously and it’s a primary concern. Contact CompuCom to begin taking steps to improving your company's security infrastructure.



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