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How an MSP Can Help With Software Asset Management

By Kwang Edeker - June 21, 2019

When it comes to software, many small to medium-sized businesses “get it and forget it.” In other words, once they’ve installed software on employee computers or other devices, they often neglect to manage it.

The Risks

Such a lax approach to software can be costly. For example, cyber criminals often take advantage of security holes in outdated software by installing malware on end-user devices that then allows them to hack into the network. Additionally, keeping old, unused software on devices or using outdated software can cause your devices to run slow – costing you and your employees valuable time.

A smarter approach is to proactively manage and optimize your software to ensure the best, most cost-efficient long-term performance. You can do that using what’s called software asset management (SAM).

What is Software Asset Management?

Generally speaking, SAM attempts to reduce overall IT investments by maximizing the efficiency of software, as well as its value and impact. This encompasses the purchasing, budgeting, management, and use of all software. In organizations that need to meet compliance regulations and industry standards while adhering to a tight technology budget, SAM can easily turn into a monstrous process. So many small and medium-sized companies turn to a managed IT services provider (MSP) that can provide tools to help streamline software maintenance.

Some of the key ways an MSP could help with software asset management include:

  • Identifying the right software to serve the goals of the organization.
  • Aligning the right number of software licenses with the number of employees who will actually need to use it.
  • Ensuring the secure use of software, such as enforcing active directory management.
  • Making sure all updates and patches are made promptly.
  • Installing elevated security measures to protect valuable assets and help keep software and programs safe from cyberattacks.

How We Can Help

As a full-service MSP like CompuCom can provide your company with the tools and services that make software management and maintenance easier, including:

  • Microsoft Windows Patch Management: Automated patches and software updates ensure your software stays current while avoiding security risks or vulnerabilities.
  • Intelligent Threat Protection: Use advanced artificial intelligence to identify and eliminate virus and malware threats before they affect your organization.
  • Advanced Email Protection: Drive security with proactive email and internet protection that guards against malware, spam, and data loss.
  • Firewall as a Service: Safeguard your business with this cloud-managed firewall service that focuses on traffic shaping, intrusion prevention, content filtering, malware protection, and high availability.
  • Vendor Management: In the event of a technical issue or question, CompuCom can communicate and coordinate with qualified software vendors on your behalf.

Proactively managing your company’s software use can improve your bottom line by ensuring you’re using the most up-to-date, high-performance software and reducing the odds of a security breach and costly downtime.

To learn more about CompuCom’s managed IT services, contact us at 1-800-300-0983,and in the meantime download our whitepaper on the top seven IT risks businesses face and how to address them.



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